ST 501 / History

Founded in 1996, ST ‘501, specialising in audiovisual post-production services, provides multilingual subtitles for all media (cinema, DVD, television). Over the years, it has diversified its activities to include offline captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing.

In 2008, it invested in equipment and training for its teams and now offers its clients live TV broadcast subtitling, a major technological and human achievement. A leading player in the market, it has gained the trust of the main French broadcasters, which have been loyal to it for many years.

In 2012, ST ‘501 signed the quality charter for subtitling destined for the deaf and hard of hearing, bringing together 16 criteria defined under the CSA.

Today, to complete its range of services related to accessibility, ST ‘501 provides audio description of films and programmes for the blind
and visually impaired, as well as live subtitling of events (conferences, meetings, shows) for the deaf and hard of hearing.