ST’ 501 is a major player in real-time captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing. Thanks to our 5 suites, the performance of our teams
and the flexibility of our workflows, we can respond quickly to customer demand and provide the simultaneous subtitling of several programmes, whatever the content and broadcast time. Teams work on the same programme, the number of operators varying according to its length and difficulty. In addition to safeguarding our service, this configuration allows us to offer high-quality, consistent results.
We subtitle all kinds of live programmes: television news, entertainment, political shows, sporting events, plays, concerts, one-man-shows…
In 2013, we provided nearly 2,700 hours of live or semi-live captioning.


Our strengths :

  • Highly responsive teams available 24/7.
  • Backup workstations in every suite.
  • Experienced operators selected according to the programme.
  • Meticulous preparation of the processed program.
  • Tried and trusted innovative technology.


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