We provide offline captions for deaf and hard of hearing television audiences: series, movies, cartoons, entertainment, advertisements
and current affairs as well as DVDs and websites… From a video file provided by the client, we create and deliver a subtitle file
compatible with the client’s broadcast requirements.
The procedure involved in producing our offline captioning services for the deaf and hard of hearing is as follows: analysis of the audio file,
spotting of shot changes, transcription-adaptation of French to French dialogue, synchronising subtitles, assignment of colour codes,
indication of sounds, simulation, proofreading by teams from the simulation department.
ST’ 501 produces around 2,000 hours per year of offline subtitles for television.


Our strengths :

  • The trust of our clients (17 years of experience with the major French broadcasters).
  • Round the clock 24/7 service. 
  • Systematic and rigorous checks by our quality controllers.
  • Carefully selected subtitlers with a perfect command of the French language, good general knowledge and excellent computer skills.
  • Dedicated software combining quality with speed. 

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